Who I am

Hello and welcome to my website.
My name is Franco Consales, I was born in Sicily and I am based in London. I studied Science of Communication and I completed my studies with a Master in Multimedia.
I’ve also attended many courses and workshop in various fields: Documentary Production, Workshops in Photography, User Experience Design, Python and PHP, 3D animation with Cinema 4D and Blender.

I’ve several interests and I try to have a wide range of knowledge of different aspects of communication.
After I finished to study (in 2001) I worked as Web Journalist, Video Journalist, Visual Designer, Filmmaker, Teacher (in Video Production and Digital Communication) and Multimedia / Digital Designer. I’ve produced several videos and documentaries where I tried to express my artistic side, but also I produced corporate video, journalistic videos and also I’ve worked in the layout and design of many websites.
I’ve worked as freelance and employee and in both contexts I’ve enjoyed most of the time what I’ve done. I’ve worked in many countries. Obviously I started in Italy, but I after I had experience of work and projects in Tanzania, Iceland, Botswana, Belgium, United Kingdom. I developed various skills but my personal goal is trying to learn as much as possible to keep my brain active and to try to be always confident in what I am doing.
In the other pages of this website you will find more details about my technical skills, how I developed them, how I use them, my ideas about the world, some technical tips about softwares and technical equipment that I use.

I love to have new challenges, find new territories to explore and also find people to collaborate with. Please enjoy the navigation of the website and any your comment or feedback is more than Welcome.
If you have any question please send a message.

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