Corporate Videos (1/4)

For CD-adapco in the last 3 year I've realized several pieces of corporate videos.
One of the most successful project was a video to rembember Steve MacDonald, the President of company that last year passed away. The video has been realized with the footage of a long interview that I've also filmed two years ago and many other pieces of videos realized with co-cofounders and managers of the company.

I've also filmed and edited other videos to promote the company, through interviews to customers and images in the offices and in the work environments of the customers.
Many customers that I met and I filmed work in the industry of Aerospace, Automotive, Marine. They use the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software of CD-adapco to simulate their product before they build their prototype. It was a great opportunity to film prototypes of drones, boats for sailing competition or just engineers talking about their expectations regarding the simulation.

All the images have been taken with Canon 5D mark III and the audio has been recorded with Sennheiser lavalier mic.
Please send me a message to know more information about my experiences in corporate videos.

Currently in the website of CD-adapco there are also available the following videos:


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