Granulated notes 1-5

Frames from hand processed ADOX PAN-X Reverso Super 8mm film in Caffenol and bleach with Hydrogen peroxide and Acetic acid glacial. Caffenol formula of Adrian Cousins.

The process of development is absolutey amazing. There are tons of resources online. For now I briefly summarize the recipe that I followed.

Granulated Notes (1)

FD 10’ at 24°C
100g Sodium carbonate
40g Ascorbic Acid
80g coffee (MXW Granule Maxell House Rich Blend, bought in Iceland, £1.50 / 100 g)
16g Sodium hydroxide
2g of potassium bromide

Bleach 15’, at 24°C
1L Hydrogen Peroxide 9%
28ml acetic acid glacial

SD 10’ at 24°C
100g Sodium carbonate
40g Ascorbic Acid
2g Potassium Bromide
80g coffee
9.5g sodium hydroxide

Fix, 5’
1 liter (Adox)

Photoflo 1’
5ml (in 1L of water)

Granulated Notes (2)
Same ingredients of day before
FD 10’ 30’’ at 24°C
Agitation: first minute without stopping, first 5 minutes 5 seconds every minute, after 5 seconds for 30 seconds
SD 8’ 30’’ at 24°C
Second Exposure: direct light 70 Watt

Granulated Notes (3)
FD 11’ 30’’ at 24°C
Agitation: First minute without pause and 5 seconds every 30 seconds
FD 8’ at 24°C
Second Exposure: 15 minutes
Fix, 6’ 30’’

Granulated Notes (4)
FD 12’ at 24°C
Agitation: first 30' and after 5 seconds every 45 seconds

Granulated Notes (5)
FD 23’ at 24°C
Bleach: I add 4 ml ascetic acid
Second Exposure: 3' one side  and 3' other side
SD 16’ at 24°C


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