My training in UX Design

The best training in UX Design is the experience, but obviously is also important sometimes to have some training and clarify some concepts.
The last strong course that I had was a Course in UX Design. I would like also to mention my Degree in Science of Communication and my Master in Multimedia helped a lot in the deep understanding of the concepts of UX Design.
I want to explain here some details about my training and education.

1) UX Design Course

It was a course in Academy class, in London in 2015.
The main topics of the course were:
- Gathering user data;
- Documenting user data;
- Analysing user data;
- Creating Personas;
- Ideation;
- Scenarios;
- Storyboards;
- Flow charts;
- Wireframes;
- Prototypes.
The course was extremely useful and taught a clear pratical method.

2) Degree in Science of Communication

During the 5 years of studying the University of Salerno in Italy I had 24 exams. Some of them are very close to some of the concepts that I use in the User Experience Design Applications:
- Sociology of Communication (that can really be helpful to define the "persona");
- Sociology;
- Sociolinguistics;
- Semiology;
- Methods and techniques of social research;
- Business Economics and Management

3) Master in Multimedia
During the Master I learnt a lot of technical tools that I am still using (Html, CSS, Adobe Creative Suite, etc... etc...)


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