De Quervain’s Story


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De Quervain's Story is a collection of memories and images, exposed frame by frame, of a very particular period in my life. In 2019 for 6 months my left hand was afflicted by the De Quervain's tenosynovitis. I was almost not able to move it. It was swollen for long time, I consulted many experts and doctors and the news from them were not optimistic. I didn't give up, I tried many different practices, and finally with nine sessions of acupuncture the tendon started to deflate and work again.
In this short film I document some of the objects for massages, cremes, mattress, tablets, food supplements, exercises I used to heal.

It has been filmed with a Bolex 8mm, on Fomapan film, home developed by myself with the Caffenol developer, using the Adrian Cousins' formula.


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