Skills in CSS3 and HTML5


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I would like to specify my technical skills regarding CSS3 and HTML5, Front End developing.

I’ve created many websites on my own and I can easily admit that I am quite confident.
I can provide some samples.
It is the website that I use for any kind of experimentation.
The technologies that I’ve used are:
- CSS3 and HTML5
- Bootstrap Wireframe
- Drupal and customisation of many modules
It is totally Responsive (through Bootstrap template).
This is another Drupal website. Before that has been implemented I’ve worked in the mock-up with CSS3 and HTML5
In this website many changes have been done in the last 2 years.
One of the pages that has not published yet but in my opinion has a successful design is:
By October 2016 the official brand and logo will be Siemens, the new owner of the company.
For all of them the mockup has been created in CSS3 and HTML5. The templates have been created in Drupal and have been implemented.
I’ve many other samples of my previous works. I’ve started to work as Visual Designer / Web Designer in 2002. I can give you more details if requested.

The skills in the area of Web / Visual Design / Front - end Development are:
Web Technologies:

- CSS3, HTML5 (very confident);
- Jquery, Javascript (basic);
- PHP (basic).

Content Management Systems:
- Drupal;
- Joomla.

- Dreamweaver;
- Photoshop;
- Illustrator.


3D Graphics

2D Graphics


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