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I’ve started making websites many years ago when the were used instead of cleaner CSS, and obviously the CMS were something very sophisticated. I am still interested in the Web as tool to communicate, I am mostly interested “how” the audience can really experience a website or mobile application and definitely the real challenge is not in the using of last technology but it is the feedback of the audience. The methods of User Experience Design can definitely help to create a fluid relationship between the tool of communication and audience. The technology is costantly improving and changing but the keywords for the success are pretty much the same: research, concept, idea, definition of persona, scenario, qualitative observation, feedback, prototypes.
Briefly my skills and responsabilities regarding UX Design are:

• Development of user interface designs, prototypes, and specifications across multiple platforms (mobile, tablet, desktop)
• Designs/prototypes that reflect user needs and specifications, technical capabilities, web standards, and adherence to usability standards and guidelines
• Production of customer journey flows, online wireframes, site maps and functional documentation that will form the basis of engineering / development briefs

• Create assets including userflows, prototypes, interfaces, wireframes, mockups, illustrations;
• Responsibility/accountability for the delivery of assets and requirements to a commercial level;
•  Synthesise research in order to refine and optimise wireframes and other assets;

Technical capabilities skills & experience:
• Expert proficiency with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator;
• Web standards and emerging design paradigms;
• Expert understanding and practical experience with responsive design;
• Strong understanding of interactive experiences, channels, and design principles;
• Experienced in designing to meet (W3C) web accessibility requirements;
• Experienced in working within a user- centred design process and principles, based on research and analysis;
• Proficient in creating interactive prototypes using HTML, CSS or similar;
• Good eye for typography, layout, composition and craft;
• Previous experience designing for web and mobile;
• Proactive, reliable, self-starter and highly detail oriented in both design and general professional organization.
• Strong aesthetic sensibilities.


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